Friday, February 03, 2006

Why the conflict should be resolved through discussion, not violence

This morning, 'Activists' (in lack of a better word) invaded the Danish Embassy in Indonesia and - according to the news bureau AFP - carrying signs saying "Let's slaughter the Danish ambassador".

Overall, the worst thing that happened during the event was activists throwing eggs at the embassy and the embassy sign. But in my opinion, it serves as an example of the importance of keeping this conflict on non-violent premises and favouring civilized discussion of the issues at hand.

The most interesting point of this event is that the activists had not been informed of the messages conveyed by the Danish prime minister in relation to the case. After being informed of the content of Anders Fogh Rasmussen's message, the activists allegedly calmed down and left the embassy.

If you know of any more details to this story, please post a comment. Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am not in support for provocating others in their religious beliefs as this could be a sensitive issue.

However, when someone have an opinion that I may think is incorrect, I think it is better to clarify these issues rather than burning of flags and stoning of embassies.

With that in mind, i find it ironic that the reactions of the pple calling for vengence and violence and even 'calling out to Bin Laden' seems very much protraying what was being deplicted in these caricatures.

And isn't Terrorism exactly the act of terrorising people and retorting to violence to prove a point?

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