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Welcome to the web blog.

This site has been created to promote freedom of speech in light of the massive repercussions that have emerged as a response to the Danish newspaper caricatures brought by Jyllandsposten.

Please note that is an important element of this site that both sides should be allowed to comment freely. We try to promote constructive dialogue. If you primarily feel like expressing hateful messages you are, of course, free to do so, but the goal is to provide a forum for real discussions of the issues involved rather than simple bulletins of hate.

It is the express point of view of our team that the right to freedom of speech is an essential element in what might traditionally be put as "western culture". It is beyond doubt that freedom of speech is an integral part of the human rights as well as the foundation for democracy.

The very right to believe and express your beliefs as well as criticism of others without violent response is the foundation that allows peaceful co-existence of religions and beliefs in modern society. This right must be respected and while it is unfortunate that the specific depictions brought by Jyllandsposten has caused indignation and hurt feelings, it should be received with the intention in mind, namely as a statement in the discussion of what limits are currently determining what differentiates between items covered by free speech and items regulated by laws concerning racism and discrimination.


Blogger muslim who proud 2 b 1 said...

you freedom of speech is as stupid as the newspaper itself,,,you think that muslims are overreacting,,whoare u to say thatif somone drew ur mums ass wouldu think thats funny?if u thinkthe reaction from the muslim world is funny then being punched in the face byone would also be WOW funny wont it,,by i am a female and shame on u cuz u just got insulted by a female

4:43 pm  
Blogger Simon_Dk said...

I think you have misunderstod the purpose of this blog (or maybe i have!). I don't think anyone finds the reactions of the muslim world funny, but it is my believe very extreem. I recognice that muslims have the right to angy and hurt, that someone has offended their religion. However the insult was made to cause harm, but as a part of debate in the media on the limitations of the freedom of expression. In Denmark we have a long tradition of news paper caricature, and even a cartoon of my mum could be funny to me!!!

What worries me the most about the muslim reaction is the treats of violence, as i see it as totally unnecessary, and will in no way what so ever bring understanding of muslim believes to Denmark.

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I exercise my right to free speech

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10:48 am  
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