Friday, February 03, 2006

Category update

After some consideration, I decided that the original category titles of the link section of this site might be considered by some readers to be biased.

I have therefore decided to change the original titles from, respectively "AGAINST freedom of speech in this context" and "PRO freedom of speech in this context"
to something that hopefully reflects the relative viewpoints of the authors more precisely.

The new headings will be, respectively: "Favouring respect for religion" and "Favouring respect for freedom of speech"

If you feel that you have any suggestions towards a better classification of the categories, feel free to email me.


Blogger philosophize said...

What does "respect" mean here, though? Respect for freedom of speech seems to mean "willing to let free expression occur without being molested or repressed." Sounds fair, but what about "respect for religion"? Muslims aren't asking for people to be willing to let them practice their religion without be molested and repressed.

In this case, the "respect" they are asking for is more like *deference* and *privilege* - they want their religion, their religious beliefs, and their religious symbols to be treated in ways that aren't done for any other belief system.

Using the same word in very different ways gives the wrong impression, I think. Using "Deference towards religion" would be more accurate, but still fair since it doesn't define that position by simply being "against" something.

12:48 pm  

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